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if it’s open season on our hard earned money

Designer Fake: Let me start out by saying, I’m sure none of us want to be fooled by a designer fake, do we? But unfortunately, it can, and does, happen. It’s not only irritating and disheartening, but it can also be costly. And ‘costly’ is an understatement. I’m sure you’d agree with me when I say there’s hardly anything worse than opening a package, so excited to have your hot new trend, only to be met with disappointment when it turns out to be a fake. To know you’ve been scammed is the pits.
The thing about these designer fakes, it’s almost as if it’s open season on our hard earned money. Not only do we get the wool pulled over our eyes, but we’re also left feeling embarrassed and angry. Who wouldn’t be? Especially after investing in something they thought was genuine. It’s crazy to imagine stores taking advantage of those who don’t know telltale signs of a fake.
Speaking of signs, one of the telltale signs of a designer fake look-alike is the quality of the design and material. Typically, a fake won’t have the same smooth, seamless inner stitching with no gaps in-between as a genuine designer piece. They’re also usually much heavier and bulkier with rougher finishes. That being said, the way to avoid these fakes is to buy from reputable, authorized sellers.
Another sign to look out for is the price. Almost too good to be true? Beware. Generally, genuine designer items will be more expensive than the counterfeit ones. Furthermore, a lot of the fakes, although carefully crafted, are often made from cheap materials, so can be really risky to buy.
One of the most unfortunate parts about these fakes is the feeling of being ripped off. One minute you are so sure the item is authentic and the next, you realize you have been scammed. One of my friends was so angry when she received a fake Michael Kors handbag she had ordered online. She was absolutely tearing her hair out. Still, she was determined to never get fooled again and really took the time to research the seller and the item itself.
It’s not just clothes and accessories that are being counterfeited either, now sadly, even food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals have been affected. With the government’s resources being stretched so thinly and with every corner trying to make a quick buck, it’s becoming almost impossible to avoid the knock offs.
Perhaps more importantly, fake designer items are really damaging to the industry. Purchasing a fake means that money never reaches the original designer and therefore the industry will suffer as a result. That means there won’t be enough money to put into developing the latest designs, or even improving the skills of those already in the industry.
Additionally, the problem of counterfeit designer pieces rivals that of the impact that it has on the buyer. Not only does it hit their pocket hard, but there’s also the psychological cost of having been tricked in the first place. You can imagine how this might leave a person feeling foolish, helpless and really let down.
But all’s not lost though. If you go about buying from the right places, you can still get the genuine designer look, without the genuine designer price tag. And if you are still suspicious, invest in those small authentication cards that come with some of the designer items. They come with a code that you can put into a website or app to check if it’s a genuine or fake item.
It’s also worth keeping an eye out for any online stores that are openly selling fakes. In my opinion, if a store is openly selling fakes then they clearly don’t care about their customers and it’s highly likely the rest of their stuff is counterfeit too. As someone who also likes to shop online, the best thing I can recommend is to stick with those verified or trusted sellers and check for the branded tags and codes before purchasing.
As with most ventures in life, it pays to be extra cautious. It’s not worth the risk when it comes to designer pieces. It’s better to make sure we’ve taken the necessary steps to protect ourselves, and our money, than to regret it in hindsight. Because one thing’s for certain, designer fakes are no joke.

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